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Cobraco Petroleum is one of the fastest growing providers of propane in Southern California. Available 24x7, we serve as a streamlined fueling and energy solution, establishing valuable partnerships with clients throughout the region.

A team of experts.

Created by a team with over 30 years of experience in the Petroleum industry, Cobraco Petroleum provides services and resources that allow maximum efficiency in a cost-effective way.

Anytime. Anyplace.

Our trucks service clients throughout the Southern California counties, and they are available anytime, anyplace. We guarantee that you’ll never run out of propane at your facility and our comprehensive range of services will get fuel to where you need it to be.

The Cobraco Difference

Cobraco Petroleum is the leader in providing unparalleled service to commercial and industrial companies covering a wide array of industries throughout Southern California. Founded on the tradition of excellence, Cobraco Petroleum ensures product reliability and the highest degree of integrity in our business operations.

Our trucks travel to each client, providing fuel, service, and peace of mind along the way. We are dedicated to streamlining our customer’s fueling needs in order to make their operations more efficient and cost effective. As a smaller privately owned company, we guarantee our customers that our quality of service never diminishes. We promise to deliver the best, time and time again.

At Cobraco, we value our customers, viewing each as an important partner. Our experienced team works with customers, helping ensure deliveries and fuel storage practices are completed in a manner that fits within the latest environmental mandates and doing everything possible to minimize your total operational costs.


Propane Gas and Equipment Delivery

We directly fill your cylinders, on site, whenever, wherever.

Applications including, but not limited to: Industrial, Commercial, Forklift, and Residential.

Propane Storage

Cobraco Petroleum offers propane storage solutions that reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Our high-quality propane delivery service provides customers with innovative storage solutions they need to increase on site productivity. We can accommodate propane storage installations from 288 Gal - 30,000 Gal.

Facilities Management

We can also help you properly set up a comprehensive system to resell propane at your service station so you can generate increased profits & sales. Cobraco streamlines the propane purchasing and consumption process by providing you with:

  • Reliable and friendly service
  • Regularly scheduled deliveries to prevent propane outages
  • Emergency 24-hour service
  • Employee propane safety training
  • Fair and competitive pricing
  • Lightweight aluminum propane fuel cylinders
  • Lockable propane cylinder storage cages
  • A full line of tank, cylinder, and valve repair services and parts.

Bring your facilities to the

Modern World.

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Our Commitment

Cobraco Petroleum focuses on sustaining the highest level of safety in all of our business operations. We have established comprehensive programs and strict standards for our company and our valued customers. Our employees routinely undergo on-site safety observation and detailed HAZMAT training to ensure all work is done correctly and safely. By administering significant resources to facilitate environmentally conscious operational procedures, we are able to comply with the most current and up to date environmental and safety standards. Cobraco Petroleum is committed to making sure that we are environmentally conscious in every service provided as well as the secure storage of product and dispensing equipment.


Bill F., Commerce

"Yasser and all the guys at Cobraco continue to impress, week in and week out."

Tomas G., Rancho Cucamonga

"When my warehouse was hit with an influx of orders, I knew that Cobraco would be able to service my needs"

Lucinda R., Malibu

"Cobraco is a shining beacon of quality, dependability, and efficiency"